• Athlone Equestrian Centre
  • Moydrum, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
  • Phone No 086-2433609
  • from abroad 00353862433609
  • info@athloneequestrian.ie

Lessons starting back on 1st September


Grading of Riders


Level 1a – Kids Beginning to canter and controlling the horse on their own

Level 2a – Kids cantering comfortably and jumping a small fence

Level 2b – Kids Managing a course of cross poles on unaided

Level 3a – Kids stepping up from cross poles – jumping 50cm

Level 3b – Kids Jumping 50cm and working well without stirrups

Level 3c – Kids Jumping 60cm

Level 4a – Jumping 60cm and comfortable working without stirrups

Level 4b – Jumping 70cm and working well without stirrups

Level 4c – Jumping 80cm and working well without stirrups

Level 5 – Jumping up to 1m

Level 6 – Competing up to 1m / comfortable on different horses,      



Lessons Rota September 2015                                                                                    



4pm: Level 3A

5pm: Level 1A                                                    

5pm: Level 4A

6pm: 4C

7pm: Adults Level 3a/3b

8pm: Adults Level 4A +



9am:         Level 2a/2b

10am:       Level 3b/3c

10am:       Level 4A/4B

11am:       Level 4C/5

11am:       Level 4C/5


1pm:         Level 5/6

1pm:         Level 2b/3a

2pm:         Level 3c/4a

2pm:         Level 1

3pm:         Adults

3pm:         level 1/1A



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